Saturday, April 12, 2008

Altered Tin Storage Buckets

Supplies needed:
Tin bucket (the buckets and hanging system shown here was purchased at IKEA)
plain white paper (you can tape several pieces together if needed for larger tins)
printed scrapbook paper
glue (a craft glue stick was used for this project. You could also use glue dots or white glue. Anything paper friendly)
optional: ribbon, tags, other embellishments

Step 1: lay your bucket on your paper close to one edge. Use your pencil to draw a line at the top and bottom of your bucket as you slowly roll it across the page. Be careful not to shift the bucket while drawing. Continue rolling and drawing until you've traced around the entire bucket with a little overlapping. You will end up with two arches.

Now draw a straight line from your top arch to your bottom arch on both ends and cut out. This is your template.

Fit it around your bucket to make sure it fits. You can make any minor adjustments to your template before you cut out your good printed paper.

If the fit is good, use the template to draw it on the back of your printed paper. I used a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper and drew the template on a diagonal from corner to corner. Cut it out and glue to your bucket. I glued down the starting edge, wrapped the paper around, and then glued the end.

I embellished my buckets by adding some ribbon and some metal rimmed tags, but anything goes! Have fun creating your own unique storage!


Anonymous said...

I love your creativity on your site! Very impressive. Cute ideas.

Marnie said...

Thank you Katskitchen! I appreciate that. :)

Dawn said...

I love these tins Marnie, so many uses for them!

BTW, check out our blog as I passed my "you make my day" award to you!!!!!

shweetpotato said...

omgosh Im lovin your tuts :D SOoo cute and clever, Carm