Sunday, April 6, 2008

Distressed Paper Mache Boxes

Supplies needed:
paper mache box...any size or shape will do
black paint and paint brush
wax candle stick...white or cream colored only
your choice paint color for top coat
medium grit sandpaper

This process looks great with a dark undercoat of paint (like black or dark brown) and a lighter top coat (like mustard or taupe) or you can apply the light paint as the base coat with a dark color on top. As long as there's a noticable contrast in color, you'll achieve an awesome prim look!

Step 1: paint the paper mache black. Let dry.

Step 2: once your paint is dry, rub the candle all over the box. Brush off any wax flakes.

Step 3: paint your contrasting top color over the wax layer.

Step 4: when your paint is dry, use your sandpaper all over the box. Seriously, that's all there is to it!

You can stain or varnish your paper mache. I didn't use either here, but when I do stain I like to use Min Wax Gel stain and a soft cloth.

There are so many ways to finish off your boxes! Stack them in different colors and sizes, paint words or designs on the front, stitch a piece of muslin and glue it on the creative!


cata said...

Great tip!!
Thank you indeed.

Mingo said...

I love the way you explained how to age paper mache boxes. I have been seeing some really nice ideas, but no explanation until now. Thanks