Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tin Punching Basics

Supplies you need:
sheet of tin or sheet metal or aluminum flashing
tin snips
black permanent marker
ruler or template design
a scrap piece of wood
a large nail and a hammer.

Begin by using the black marker and your ruler or template to draw the design on the back of the tin sheet. Either side of the tin can be used so I usually just pick whichever side is more scratched up to be the back. Remember that you have to draw your design in reverse.

In this case I drew out a square with a heart in the center.

CAREFULLY cut out your shape with the tin snips. Tin and metal are very sharp, you may wish to wear work gloves.

Let's start punching! Place your piece of tin on your scrap piece of wood. Place your nail on any point of your marker line to start, and hit the hammer on the nail once. Don't hit too hard that you go through the metal, just hard enough that you create a divot. Continue moving the nail and punching it around the whole design, spacing the punches about 1/4" apart. Also punch the perimeter of your piece of tin to create a finished border.

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