Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fabric Pin Cushions

Supplies needed:
wide unfinished wood candle base (I got this one at the $$ store)
black paint and paint brush
scrap of least 3 inches wider that the area you're going to attach the cushion to.
needle and thread
hot glue gun
quilt batting
small piece of sturdy cardboard (don't use poster board, it must be thicker than that)

Step 1: paint your candle base in black. A couple coats may be needed. Let dry. You can also use some sandpaper and distress the paint after it has dried. Leave the area that the cushion will be glued unpainted.

Step 2: while that's drying, trace the top of the candle stick onto your piece of cardboard. Cut it out 1/8" INSIDE your line so it just a bit smaller than the actual size of your candle base.

Step 3: place your cardboard circle on top of layered quilt batting and cut out a total of 8 circles of batting. (I usually cut 4 layers at a time).

Step 4: lay your cardboard circle on the wrong side of your fabric and draw 1.5"-2" bigger than your cardboard. Just eyeballing this is fine. Cut it out.

Step 5: use your needle and thread to hand stitch around your fabric circle about 1/4from the edge. Make sure you've knotted off the end so it doesn't slip through. Cut the thread leaving a long tail.

Step 6: time to sandwich all your pieces together! Lay your fabric right side down, place the batting in the center and the cardboard circle on the top. Push down with one hand and use your other hand to pull the thread tight. Be sure that the fabric comes over the edge all the way around. Knot off your thread.

Step 7: hand sew a button into the center of your cushion. You'll go through all layers, including the cardboard.

Step 8: hot glue around the edge of the backside of the cushion and in the center to secure the thread. Attach to your candle base.

You can use these steps to make cushions for paper mache boxes, jar lids and anything else with a flat top!


Jeanine said...

Ohhhh... I like that... i need me a new pin cushion too. Thanks for the tutorial, Marnie! You make everything look so easy! :)

Village Folk Art said...

Hi Marnie...What a super project...the tutorial was so helpful & informative too. Thanks for your talent! :~)

casserole said...

So cute!! I posted a link to your tutorial at Craft Gossip Sewing blog:

casserole said...

Forgot to mention - My post on Craft Gossip will go live today at 4:30 pm CST.

Jo in NZ said...

These are cool, and I love how you have padded/stuffed them. I have been making something similar. I would love you to check them out...